Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Wanna Blog

Since I've always lacked the ability to start trends I will continue in my true fashion and follow them. Everyone else has a blog and now I do too. Some warnings about this blog:
  • It will be updated when I'm at work because I believe what I have to say is so very amazing that I should be paid for it. (actually, I only have internet access at work)

  • Most of my entries will focus on my baby because she is the focus of my life and really one of the only things I think about.

  • This blog will not always be comprehensible because I work graveyard shift and most entries will be composed between midnight and five in the morning. Those are the slow times at my work.
So, if you're still interested then enjoy.

This Is Gwen

Adorable? Yes. She's seven months old in that picture. She was learning to crawl - it took her two months to perfect it before one day last week she just took off. I think she had to make sure that she knew how to sit up again once she was down on her tummy before she'd commit to locomoting. That picture says a lot about her attitude these days. She's pretty easy going but very independent.
She's also very out-going and happy most of the time. She thinks her dad is the funniest person ever. Her favorite toy is her dog Boot. She's absolutely the best thing that's ever happened to me. She inspires me to be a better person. I am head-over-heels in love with her.


somebody said...

That is sweet. I want to pinch her cheeks. Her dad IS one of the funniest people ever :)

Anonymous said...

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